Ptfe products molding method


1, compression molding,2, push method 3, compression molding process method 4, spraying method 5, weaving method 6, winding 7, 8 rolling method, extrusion method bonding method welding method 9, 10 heat styling method, machining method

Ptfe sintering process: molding shrinkage ratio, temperature, sintering conditions: temperature does not exceed 385 degrees Fahrenheit, or molecules will necrosis, affect the quality of the material performance.

Long-term use of temperature - 200-260 degrees, have excellent chemical corrosion resistance, for all chemical corrosion resistance, coefficient of friction in the plastic, and good performance, the electric insulation is not affected by temperature, is regarded as "plastics king".

1, a transparent or translucent, the higher the degree of crystallinity, transparency, the worse. Raw material is powder resin or more concentrated dispersion, high molecular weight, for the high crystallinity of thermoplastic polymers. Suitable for making corrosion resistance, wear parts for the antifriction, seal, insulation parts and medical equipment parts forming performance.

2, poor liquidity, easy to decompose, decomposed corrosion gas. Should strictly control the molding temperature, the mould should be heated, the gating system of material flow resistance should be small.

3. The powdered resin often USES the method of powder metallurgy forming, sintering method. Sintering temperature of 360-360 degrees, not more than 410 degrees. Emulsion resin with cold extrusion and sintering process, often can be in surface coating. If you need request product transparency, good toughness, fast cooling should be taken. Also can adopt extrusion molding, extrusion tube, rod, profiles.

4, PTFE melt viscosity is very high, let the body viscosity decreases with the increase of shear stress, according to the characteristics of non-newtonian fluid.

5, secondary processing, can hot pressing composite, welding, bonding, enhancement, mechanical processing, etc., to produce the final product.

With sintering curve: the first step in a 120 degrees to dry; The second step, such as filling graphite or second-rate ink in 250 degrees temperature processing; The third step in 345 - degree processing once; The fourth step in 375 degrees for processing; Step 5 don't too fast cooling.

Ptfe application: ptfe can use compression or extrusion processing molding; Also can be made into water dispersion, used in coating, dipping, or made into fibers.

Ptfe in atomic energy, defence, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, machinery, instruments, meters, construction, textile, metal surface treatment, pharmaceutical, medical, textile, food, metallurgical smelting and other industries widely used for high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistant materials, insulation materials, anti-sticking coating, etc., make it become the irreplaceable products.

Ptfe has good comprehensive performance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not sticky, self-lubricating, excellent dielectric properties, low friction coefficient. Used as engineering plastics, and can be made into ptfe tube, rod, belt, plate, film, etc. Generally applied to the performance requirements of high resistance to corrosion of pipelines, containers, pump, valve and radar, high frequency communications equipment, radio equipment, etc. Add any in PTFE can withstand PTFE sintering temperature filling agent, can obtain greatly improve its mechanical properties. At the same time, keep the other excellent properties of PTFE. Fill the varieties with glass fiber, metal, metal oxides, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, carbon fiber, polyimide, EKONOL... , such as good wear resistance, PV value can raise 1000 times.

Ptfe pipes material suspension polymerization ptfe resin through plunger extrusion processing. In known plastic ptfe has the chemical corrosion resistance and dielectric properties. Ptfe woven packing is a kind of good dynamic sealing material. It is made of bulk poly tetrachloroethylene ribbon woven. Ptfe woven packing is a kind of good dynamic sealing material. It is made of bulk poly tetrachloroethylene ribbon woven. It has a low friction coefficient, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good sealing and several excellent properties, such as hydrolysis, the same hard. Used for various medium gasket seal and lubrication materials, and at various frequencies, the use of electrical insulating parts. Capacitor dielectric, line insulation, electrical instrumentation insulation, etc. Ptfe film is suitable for a capacitor medium, special cable insulation, wire insulation, electrical insulation and sealing gasket, also do not sticky tape, sealing tape, parting.

Ptfe classification and fill the product:

A, general materials: all kinds of rods, tubes, plate film, tape, rope, packing, gaskets, and the use of graphite, molybdenum disulfide, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, glass fiber, carbon fiber as a filler, to improve the mechanical properties of pure ptfe.

Second, the anti-corrosion class:

1. Pipes and fittings: pure ptfe tube; Ptfe lining tube; Wrap a glass steel pipe; Steel composite flange;

2. The chemical container liner: ptfe lining kettle; Ptfe lined with groove; Ptfe lined with tower;

3. Heat exchanger;

4. Corrugated pipe;

5. A major part of the valve and pump;

6. Enhance full pressure hose steel wire;

7. Filter material.

Ptfe membrane through vertical and horizontal two-way stretch in a large number of pores, is a kind of new materials, and other fabric composite, it can be made into smoke solid-phase anticorrosive filter bag or good waterproof breathable, windproof, warm rain gear uniforms, winter coat, special protective clothing and lightweight tents, pharmaceutical, various kinds of solvents of sterile compressed air with air filter and filter of high purity gas in the electronics industry.